First Lindau Alumni Retreat in Frankfurt

Apr 03, 2019

Lindau Alumni of the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting came together for a follow-up retreat in Frankfurt, Germany, in November 2018. Initiator and co-organiser Tanja Bhuiyan recaps a weekend that epitomises the Lindau Spirit on our blog today. 

The retreat participants after a day full of talks and discussions: Mozhgan, Milena, Hadir, Tanja, Peter (in the back), Álvaro, Mohamed (in the back), Svitlana, Anna, Theresa, Tim and Rafael. Seminar room IBCII, Goethe University Frankfurt. © Courtesy of Milena Bertolotti

The group is already planning the next retreat for Lindau Alumni with a medicine/physiology background, which will take place 19–22 September 2019. If you’re interested in helping organise or in attending the 2019 retreat, please contact alumni manager Christoph Schumacher in the Lindau Alumni Network or by email.

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