Women in Research at #LINO19: Birgitte Madsen from Denmark

Aug 01, 2019

#LINO19 Alumna Birgitte Madsen is a PhD student at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. She studies the confinement of so-called fast-ions in fusion reactors. The fast-ions are generated in the fusion processes themselves and by auxiliary heating. If they are not properly confined, the heating efficiency will decrease and the reactor might suffer damage.


In her opinion, what will be the next great breakthrough in physics? 

I would like to say nuclear fusion for energy production. The world is in desperate need for additional sustainable energy sources, and nuclear fusion is truly an amazing candidate. However, much more research and funding are needed for achieving nuclear fusion power plants. Hence, nuclear fusion for energy production might not be the next great breakthrough, but hopefully it will be the next next one. And for sure: it will be great.

Learn more about Brigitte, her career path and her views on women in research on our blog.

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