3 Lindau Alumni Named as 2020 Schmidt Science Fellows

Apr 15, 2020

Congratulations to three Lindau Alumnae who have been named as part of the 2020 Schmidt Science Fellows: Andrea d'Aquino (2017 Chemistry) Amy Shepherd (2018 Medicine) and Kirsten Hall (2019 Physics) The Schmidt Science Fellows, a programme initiated by former Google CEO Eric and Wendy Schmidt, aims to support emerging interdsiciplinary scientists. 

Andrea d'Aquino (above, center, now at Stanford) a develops synthetic molecules that can assemble into structures that resemble the behavior of natural proteins and plans to pivot into biomedical engineering. Prior to her participation in the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, she gave an interview for our Women in Research series about her work and her path into science: "I never could have imagined having the opportunity to attend college — let alone graduate school"

Amy Shepherd, now at Boston Children's Hospital is a behavioral neuroscientist interested in improving interventions for sufferers of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. At the 68th Lindau Meeting, she talked publish-or-perish with a panel of Nobel Laureates. She also gave a Women in Science interview prior to her participation: "I want to help contribute to knowledge about the body, and I want to help the pubic learn and enjoy science."

Kirsten Hall (Johns Hopkins University) is an astrophysicist interested in the evolution of galaxies over all of cosmic time. As a Schmidt Science Fellow, Kirsten now aims to move into climate science to use her expertise with large datasets to convert raw data from atmospheric monitoring satellites and ground-based data into actionable information. Last year, the discussed the dark side of the universe with Nobel Laureates Gross, Ries, Schmidt and Smoot - you can find the panel discussion in our mediatheque. 


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