15 Lindau Alumni Among the 2020 ERC Starting Grant Recipients

Sep 03, 2020

Congratulations to 15 Lindau Alumni who have received ERC Starting Grants from the Euroean Research Council today:

  • Shlomi Reuveni, 2009 Chemistry, now at Tel Aviv University. Project: FLUCTENZ – The Fluctuating Enzyme: From Catalysis to Vibrational Dynamics
  • Lena Burbulla, 2011 Medicine, now at Northwestern, soon at LMU München, Project: oxDOPAMINE – Unraveling the mystery of preferential degeneration of midbrain neurons in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Clemens Plaschka, 2013 Chemistry, now at IMP Vienna. Project: RNApaxport – Mechanisms of human mRNA packaging and export
  • Lena Daumann, 2013 Chemistry, now at LMU München. Project: LANTHANOPHOR –  Innovative bioinspired strategies towards selective lanthanide complexation and separation: From bacterial chelators to applications.
  • Céline Vallot, 2014 Medicine, now at Institute Curie. Project: ChromTrace – Tracing epigenetic evolution of triplenegative breast cancer towards chemo-resistance
  • Hervé Turlier, 2015 Interdisciplinary, now at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) Project: DeepEmbryo – Reverseengineering the development of embryos with physics-informed machine learning
  • Uri Ben-David, 2015 Interdisciplinary, now at Tel Aviv University Project: CancerAneuploidy – Understanding and targeting the functional consequences of aneuploidy in cancer
  • Alastair Lennox, 2015 Interdisciplinary, now at University of Bristol Project: SENF – Selective Electrochemical Nucleophilic Fluorination
  • Moran Shalev-Benami, 2015 Interdisciplinary, now at Weizmann Institute of Science Project: CellCellEM – Communications at the Synapse - a Near Atomic Resolution View into Cell-Cell Communication
  • Sylvain Ravets, 2016 Physics, now at Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies Project: ARQADIA – Artificial quantum materials with photons: manybody physics and topology
  • Mehul Malik, 2016 Physics, now at HeriotWatt University Project: PIQUaNT – Photonics for High-Dimensional Quantum Networking
  • Philip Willke, 2016 Physics, now at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie Project: MASSQCOT – Molecular and Atomic Spins on Surfaces for QuantumCOherent conTrol
  • Birgitta Bernhardt, 2016 Physics, now at Technische Universität Graz Project: ELFIS  – Electronic Fingerprint Spectroscopy
  • Maria Hondele, 2016 Physics, now at University of Basel Project: DDX TRANSIT – DEADbox ATPases as master regulators of phase-separated compartments to control cellular RNA flux and the remodeling of RNA-protein complexes
  • Edoardo Albisetti, 2019 Physics, now at Politecnico Di Milano Project: B3YOND – Beyond nanofabrication via nanoscale phase engineering of matter
  • Eleni Vryonidou, 2019 Physics, now at CERN and the University of Glasgow Project: EFT4NP – Probing New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider: the Effective Field Theory Pathway

The ERC Starting Grants, worth in total €677 million, will help these early-career scientists and scholars to build their own teams and conduct pioneering research across all disciplines. The grants are part of the EU’s Research and Innovation programme, Horizon 2020.  

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