This is a guest post by Stefan Maier, Lindau Alumnus 2019, about COVID Voices, a project that started with his Sciathon idea. Group Maier finished in the second place of the Capitalism After Corona Category They presented their idea at the Online Science Days 2020, find their session in our Lindau Mediatheque.

During the Sciathon 2020, our project COVID VOICES was initiated. In many countries, the COVID-19 pandemic is now at the peak or in the midst of the second wave. Hence, there are more people than ever currently suffering from the consequences of the pandemic. COVID VOICES e. V. is an initiative dedicated to helping those, who suffer consequences from the pandemic. We collect individual experience reports in form of short videos, texts or images to give those a voice who otherwise would not be heard, to document the crisis and to help mitigate it locally and globally by developing crisis mitigation strategies with various partners all over the world.

We, as a part of the Lindau Community hope to motivate you all to join and support us in this endeavor! The easiest way to do this, is to contact us via email in case you want to get involved or to send us videos from people, who want to share their COVID-19 experience.

We are looking forward to your support!


Your COVID VOICES. e. V. team

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