Lindau Alumnus Perparim Limani is integral part of a team at the University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland, that is developing a new approach to treat #cancer using Inositol Trispyrophosphate (ITPP) - a molecule developed by Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn: 

"A central starting point of our idea is the oxygen supply of the tumour. In the early stages, the tumour is supplied with oxygen via the diffusion. If the tumour grows after a while, hypoxia occurs. As a result, the tumour changes its phaenotype and its mechanism – metastases are forming. The innovation of our approach is the use of ITPP as an allosteric effector on hemoglobin, which allows more oxygen to reach the tumours and their environment.

Previous therapies focus more on reducing oxygen intake. In our preclinical studies, we were able to show that the use of the ITPP developed by Jean-Marie Lehn significantly inhibits tumour growth. We anticipated a similar situation in patients. In our clinical trial prior to the initiation of standard therapy such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation participants received five to nine infusions of ITPP and were medically supervised!"

Master Class with Jean-Marie Lehn
Master Class with Jean-Marie Lehn. Photo courtesy of Perparim Limani

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